The Fall of America

Here We Go Again

  By Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post A court in Arizona has rejected arguments of evangelical Christian wedding invitation designers that a Phoenix ordinance protecting discrimination against LGBT people forces them to make artwork for same-sex couples, [continued]


School Choice and Christians

There’s no question that when it comes to our education system Americans are divided between those who defend the current state of education and those who believe in school choice. But should Christians take a [continued]

Politics and the Pulpit

Is God OK With Gay Marriage?

The debate continues within evangelical circles regarding acceptance of gay marriage. One pastor saying that embracing it is listening to the Holy Spirit while another maintains God’s standards have never changed and the Bible forbids [continued]

The Fall of America

Gay Sex-Ed in California In Elementary schools

The Los Angeles Daily News reports that the Los Angeles Unified School District will begin offering sex education lessons for students as young as 9 years old that will include lessons from a course titled “Puberty: The [continued]

The Fall of America

Will Christians in America Face More Persecution?

A New Jersey teacher was suspended for giving a student a Bible. A football coach was placed on leave for praying on the field. The Atlanta fire chief was fired for self-publishing a book defending Christian morality. A Marine was court-martialed for refusing [continued]

The Fall of America

Students Fight Back

Students at an East Texas high school have responded to an atheist group’s demands that the school remove a Christian flag by bringing their own Christian flags to fly on school grounds. Many in the [continued]

The Fall of America

School Violates Constitution?

The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), an atheist rights group, called for the immediate removal of a Christian flag from an East Texas high school campus or it will risk legal action. A letter from [continued]

Politics and the Pulpit

Appeals Court Rules Maryland Veterans Memorial ‘Excessively Entangles’ Government With Religion

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that a Maryland veterans memorial in the shape of a cross violates the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution because it “excessively entangles” the government with religion. [continued]