Swamp In Tact

Does Trump really want to clean the swamp? Look at his recent moves. Now he throws his support behind yet another creature from the quagmire. Yes, the economy is moving and jobs are opening up but there are a lot of things to be concerned about. Here are some of them:

  • Obamacare is still law.
  • Taxes are still a mess.
  • Hillary is still free.
  • No wall.
  • Obama holdovers still holding over.
  • Democrat-leaning special prosecutor.
  • Revolving door staff.

Blaming Congress is not the answer. Great leaders get things done. Reagan got Tip O’Neill to make concessions and the Reagan objectives got done. Trump may be suffering from too many cooks in kitchen and bringing Kelly in as Chief of Staff may cure some of that. Meanwhile, his approval numbers are at historical lows as confidence from many who voted for slips away. He true base seems to be intact but many who voted for him as an opposition vote to Hillary Clinton are pulling their support. The level may have dropped a bit but it appears the swamp is still intact.