RINO’s and Democrats are opposing the president’s support of the RAISE Act because RINO’s want to be reelected and want the support of as many people as they can fool into voting for them. Democrats oppose the RAISE Act because it promotes merit as a basis for immigration. And we know that Democrats are opposed to earning anything. They believe workers should get salary increases just because they are employed, not based on how well they do their jobs. Democrats believe everyone should have everything, including citizenship, handed to them. Don’t keep score in sporting events and everyone gets a trophy, go to college for free regardless of your SAT or ACT scores. The progressives do not believe in individuality, they want one large mass of homogeneous, sex-neutral, mindless idiots who will keep voting for them.

The RAISE Act violates the progressive ideology of group-think and personal unaccountability. The dumbing down of America, something no longer discussed, continues almost unabated. Progressivism espouses the idea that the masses aren’t intelligent enough to govern themselves and they want to make sure of that outcome. They don’t want people to be educated because educated people outgrow progressivism. The progressives claim to hate slavery yet the seek to enslave the minds of everyone. They claim to hate the upper class yet they are always upper income elitists. They claim they want the rule of law but shun prisons. They claim to support free speech but speak against them and they do their best top destroy the character of dissenters.

Conservatives must end the progressivism that destroying this nation. We must vote out the RINO’s, who’s opposition to true conservatism aids the progressives. Neither of the two major parties desire to change the status quo. Neither party seeks to improve America because everything they do weakens her. They are only out for their own interests and no longer serve the people they were elected to serve. It is time to look at another party. If you are truly a conservative who loves America and wants to see her restored to greatness, I urge people to support the Constitution Party.