Anti-gun Communications Director Moves Into West Wing

Anthony Scaramucci has been named as President Trump’s new Communications Director, an appointment which seems to be at odds with a man who does not like criticism. Mr. Scaramucci worked on the Jeb Bush campaign during the last elections and had called Mr. Trump a “hack” and a “big mouth”. He said this about the president after Mr. Trump had accused Mr. Scaramucci of not paying any taxes, “You’re an inherited money dude from Queens County. Bring it, Donald.”

Anthony Scaramucci appears to be an opportunist. He originally supported Gov. Scott Walker and then former Gov. Jeb Bush. After both had dropped out of the race, Scarmucci jumped to the Trump camp. Now that jump is paying off.

He is also a Goldman Sachs alum who was once fired and rehired in the same year. Trump, who called Goldman Sachs as a symbol of the corrupt establishment during the campaign, now has a long list of Goldman veterans working for him. They include Steve Bannon, Steve Mnuchin, Gary Cohn, and Dina Powell.

Scarmucci deleted tweets that criticized the president. He also donated to Obama and Clinton’s presidential campaigns. Scaramucci gave $5,600 to Obama in 2008 and $4,600 to Clinton in 2007. Scaramucci wrote in November 2011 that he voted for Obama and Bill Clinton.

Scaramucci is unapologetically in favor of strict gun control, a position that was strengthened by the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. He supports the LGBT agenda and that would seem to put him at odds with many Trump supporters who profess to be evangelical Christians. It was the evangelicals, who had not turned out for the 2008 and 2012 elections that put Trump in the White House. Some evangelicals might think Mr. Trump has turned his back on them with his choice for head of communications.

Only time will tell what kind of influence, if any, Scaramucci will have over the president. Freedom loving Americans better hope that this financier and member of the Council on Foreign Relations has little input to policy. Are Trump fanatic Alex Jones listeners willing to give Scaramucci a pass on his reasons for gun control and his CFR membership? Keep an eye on Mr. Jones for the answer to that question.

Meanwhile, while some are expressing doubt, others, Trump fanatics, appear to be on board with everything the president does. Their unwavering fanatical support is reminiscent of the devoted followers of Adolph Hitler. Trump is not Hitler and that is not the comparison here. The comparison is the Trump followers, whose support borders on blind enthusiasm, just as those who supported Hitler, believes Trump can do no wrong.