Muslim Takeover

All around the country Muslims are seeking and gaining local political offices. From county commissioners to city councils, they are infiltrating local governments. There is more than one way they can have jihad. As more and more Muslims move into our country they become stronger politically. If they can’t convert us by force they will do so through peaceful means. The liberal left generally sides with and promotes Muslims for the sake of diversity. This means that when a Muslim councilman introduces a change in city regulations that favors the Muslim community, liberals will go along with them. For some unknown reason, liberals, including liberal women, support Muslims causes and Sharia law. They overlook the fact that Muslims swear to kill infidels, even liberal ones, and women are nothing more than property. Just look at the rulings Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the judiciary in Hawaii. They have sided with Muslim immigrants instead of protecting the constitution they swore an oath to uphold.

Muslims are gaining a foothold in local politics opening the door for entering national politics where they can ability to drastically change the laws of the land. Muslims are also infiltrating the judiciary by being elected and appointed to various judgeships. This gives them a base where they can begin to change the judiciary by legislating from the bench.

America will never fall from outside forces without first being weakened internally. The goal of the Muslim world is to bring down America, the country they call “The Great Satan”.

From small enclaves in large cities to rapidly growing communities, the enemy is among us and fully half of the country, fooled by liberal ideology the Muslims spout, supports this internal jihad. The liberals truly believe they can coexist with the Muslims in America. They believe Muslims will be open to discussing how the country should be run. Liberals are so blinded by ideology they cannot see the coming storm.

The time to act is now. We must either take back our councils and commissions in the same manner they were taken over or we must prepare to defend our constitution and take the cities and counties back by force.

Be Armed. Be Dangerous. Be Brave.

  • Daniel FX Dravot

    We are at war.

    Every day there are fresh Islamist atrocities. Every day authorities conceal or excuse them or pretend ignorance regarding motive. Those who are being paid to protect the public and enforce the laws turn a blind eye when they can. Our politicians openly collaborate with Muslim Brotherhood front groups – CAIR and others – to undermine our Constitution, starting with the 1st and 2d Amendments.

    The quislings controlling the Karl Marx Safe Space Educational Gulag welcome advocates of Sharia to schools for “Cultural Enrichment” (recruiting) sessions. Over time the brainwashed students move to other institutions of Western Civilization, especially schools, spreading the corruption.

    Just because Jihadi murderers aren’t yet blowing nerve gas through your city, breaking down your door, killing your dog, burning your books & art and raping your family members, don’t deceive yourself.

    This is war. The supine inaction and accommodation of the Islamic invasion by our elected public officials and those who voted for them puts them squarely in the enemy camp.

    • DangerousDeplorable

      We must be ever vigilant.