Muslim Girl Murders Child, Get Probation

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Muslim Mother Who Killed Newborn Baby Gets Probation Only

There are several issues with this story, all of which could be easily rectified.

First, the parents of this “mother” needed to exercise more supervision over their daughter and she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant. Just like those two scumbags from Columbine wouldn’t have been able to go on a killing spree had their parents been more involved. Properly supervised children don’t murder anyone. Notice I said “properly”.

Monitor everything your children do. The only privacy they have a right to is when they bathing, using the toilet, or changing clothes, and then only from a parent of the opposite sex. They don’t have a right to cell phone privacy. They don’t need computers, phones, or laptaps setup where they can use them without supervision. Randomly take you child’s phone and see who they communicate with. Do not allow them to lock their phones so you don’t have access. If they do, cut off the phone or take it away until access is given to you. Insist on access to all of their social networking accounts or don’t let them have access to those accounts. If you don’t know how to access their accounts, you need to learn.

Second, this girl had no moral upbringing. Morally trained children do not get pregnant and they do not murder anyone.

Third, the judge in this case needs to be removed from the bench. The prosecutor needs to be fired for allowing nothing less than first degree murder charges and prosecuting that case as such. This was the premeditated murder of a child. Of course, liberals would call this post-birth abortion, an idea put forth by Democratic Operative Van Jones during the early portion of the Obama disaster.

The judge and prosecutor need a much stronger action taken against them. Something featuring lead would be appropriate. They should sit in the death seat this “mother” should have occupied. I believe that Illinois still has the death penalty.