No Cures, Only Costs

“Big Pharma”, the pharmaceutical industry, is one the 10 largest lobbying groups in Washington, DC. Their annual contributions to politicians and PACs, political action committees, exceeds 30 million dollars, and is truly bi-partisan. They give money to candidates and PACs from both parties as a hedge against shifts in political power. They provide for two thirds of the budget of the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, through drug research and approval application fees.

Why, do you suppose, an industry involved in the research and manufacture of medicine would spend so much in buying the influence of politicians? Is is so they can get their compounds and cures approved more expeditiously so that mankind can enjoy the benefits of these breakthroughs? The simple answer is a resounding “No!”. The number on priority of “Big Pharma” is to protect “Big Pharma”.

Lobbying keeps drugs from becoming generic for twenty years through patent protection. These protections keep drug costs high so the companies are able to make the highest profits possible until generics become available. The first generic drug to hit the market also enjoys exclusivity in order for the companies to keep profits high.

Drug companies are not in business to provide cures for our ailments. Big Pharma exists to bleed us dry with medications that treat symptoms, not cures. Many times the symptoms being treated are actually new problems being caused by the side effects of the drugs they sell. The hottest drugs on the market right now are those used to treat opioid induced constipation. The drugs they sell you to treat your pain cause side-effects and then the drug companies then sell you products to treat the side effects of the drugs they sold you. And what happens when the side-effect treatments create new side-effects? The drugs companies sell you drugs to treat those new side-effects.

Big Pharma is not interested in cures. If your disease or malady was cured your would no longer need the drugs they sell you. The drug companies are only interested in treating your symptoms. One of top diseases being treated in America right now is Type 2 Diabetes. One of the major causes of type 2 diabetes is obesity and one of the major causes of obesity is America’s love of sweets. The number one ingredient found in sweets today is HFCS, high fructose corm syrup. HFCS was approved for use by the same FDA that approves drugs. HFCS manufacturers were well aware that the sweetener is a super-carbohydrate. Carbohydrates, or carbs, turn into sugar in the body.

There has been a sharp rise in the number of people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes annually  since HFCS became the primary sweetener in nearly everything you buy. How does this effect the drug companies? Drug companies develop and sell drugs that treat the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. All they treat is the symptoms of the disease. When you are asymptomatic, you feel better. Your doctor tells you how good you are doing and writes a refill for symptom treating drugs. One of the major drugs used to treat diabetes is injectable insulin. Drug companies are selling more insulin now than ever before. And what did they do about the sudden rise in prescriptions for insulin? They increased the 522 percent over the last five years. A 50 dollar vial of insulin jumped to $261, and that is the wholesale price. Consumer cost has rise to 450 to 500 per vial. Insurance plans are are passing on costs to their customers. Many plans will only cover a percentage of the cost of insulin, leaving the patient to cover the rest.

The biggest loser in the pharmaceutical industry is the consumer. They face higher drug costs and little chance of a cure for their diseases. Companies are not going to produce cures when they make billions every year on symptom treatment. If you owned a business that produced one profitable product, would you develop a way to make that one product obsolete?

Everything in government and industry revolves around one thing – the bottom line. Who can line their pockets with the most money. The drugs companies are filling their wallets by selling you symptom treatments and they spend money on politicians to maintain the status quo.